Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nir Analyzer

Process NIR Analyzer
The philosophy behind the "All-in-One" Beacon System is that plant-wide, multi-stream, multi- property measurement and analysis can all be carried out by a single central system.

This is accomplished by multiple process stream Field Units, situated anywhere in the plant, connected to the Main Analyzer housed in the Central Equipment Room. From light bulb and detector array to sample cell and digital communication, the Beacon 2000-II is a completely solid-state system - there are no moving parts. This makes it practically maintenance-free which translates into guaranteed up-time and lowest cost of ownership . Plus the system is completely modular - you can start by monitoring a single property of a single process stream. You can then effortlessly expand the system by adding on more Field Units and upgrading it to measure hundreds of properties.

Unique Architecture

The Main Analyzer is located in the Control Room, protected from the process environment. The Main Analyzer connects, via telecommunications fiber optics, to the Field Units, which are installed up to 3 km (2 miles) away, close to the process. Up to 15 Field Units can be connected to one Main Analyzer.

Intrinsically Safe

The Field Unit uses no electricity, and contains no moving parts. This 100% optical probe requires no explosion proof housing or analyzer shelter.

Low Maintenance

Proprietary window material prevents fouling and eliminates the need to dismantle and clean the probe. Little or no conditioning is required, further increasing the system's reliability.

Low Cost

In many applications, the Beacon 2000-II's performance and price make it an attractive alternative to traditional analyzers, such as gas chromatographs or distillation analyzers. No analyzer shelter is required, and the low maintenance requirements reduce ownership costs to a minimum.

Field Proven

The Beacon technology has been successfully implemented in Refinery, Pipeline and Petrochemical applications.

Measured properties includes :

* Motor Octane
* Research Octane
* Distillation Points
* API Gravity
* Cloud Point
* Flash Point
* Cetane index
* Viscosity
* Reid Vapor Pressure
* Chemical Composition
* Total Aromatics
* % para Xylene
* Total Olefins
* % meta Xylene
* Oxygenates
* Pour Point
* ortho Xylene
* % MTBE
* %Benzene
* and more ...

Intrinsically safe NIR probe eliminates the need for analyzer shelters or explosion proof housings that on-line analyzers have always required. The sample probes are 100% optical, use no electricity and contain no moving parts.

The Beacon 2000-II is the only NIR process analyzer available today with a unique combination of advantages:

* Easy to Maintain - Maintenance-free Field Units
* Easy to Expand - Optical multiplexing capability for multiple process streams
* Easy to Rely On - Solid state spectrophotometer and spectra standardization
* Easy to Accept - Plant-wide system based on telecommunication fiber optic cable
* Easy to Calibrate - Calibration model tuning
* Easy to Connect - Powerful communication system
* Easy to Incorporate - Manual or advanced process control
* Easy to Own - Low cost of ownership


* On-Line NIR Analysis of Blended Gasoline
* On-Line NIR Analysis in Continuous Catalyst Regeneration
* On-Line NIR Analysis in Crude Distillation Unit
* On-Line NIR Analysis of Diesel
* On-Line NIR Analysis in Extraction Complex